Thought I could take it but I am unable
It’s too much to handle
It isn’t over until it’s over


Got the heart of an ox, got the skin of a dragon
I’m a fighter, always standing up
Now the weakness talks
I’m on my knees, and I’m about to drop


It’s a mystery why I can’t stop thinking of you
Mystery, how everything circles around you
In my mind, I’m doing all in my power to get free
In my mind, I promised myself ’till this day I’d be
But it’s a mystery


Can feel your presence, can smell your fragrance
As if you stood beside me
It isn’t over until it´s over


I’m not gonna cry, I’ve been thought better than that
My eyes are too fucking dry, now isn’t that ironic
This is my own fight, I’m gonna wear it out
I’m gonna bleed it out


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